Leadership is not a state, it's a journey. Don't take the journey alone! The Sam Chand Leadership Institute (SCLI) is a virtual environment where high-performing leaders gather to create success, grow their network, and expand their capacity for more. You will interact and learn from Sam Chand as well as a community of like minded leaders who are all on their leadership journey. This innovative program will help you become a better leader as you access and consume some of the best leadership content that Sam Chand himself has developed over the last 30 years.

Why Join the Sam Chand Leadership Institute?

100% Online

The SCLI is a virtual campus where leaders gather from around the world in a community of learning where positive change happens, reinforcement takes place, and leaders discover what it takes to increase their capacity to handle more, while being taught by Sam Chand, one of the world's top Leadership Coaches. We understand the demands and time limitations that busy leaders face. The SCLI is 100% online and won't interfere with your current lifestyle and time commitments.

Affordable Investment

Investing a small amount in yourself can create big yields in your career. The SCLI is an affordable way for you to make an investment in yourself and your organization. You can join several times a year as the enrollment window is opened. Investing in your leadership through the SCLI will give you ongoing returns for years to come.

Interactive Network

As a leader, you should always be expanding your network. As relationships become more and more essential in the marketplace and meeting room, successful leaders need to be intentional about growing their network. At the SCLI, you will discover an interactive network of high-capacity leaders like yourself from all over the world who are all on the road to success. You'll have the opportunity to engage and interact with these peer-level leaders in our membership portal and in our closed online community.

Executive Coaching

Successful athletes have coaches. You need one too. At the SCLI, Sam Chand himself will be your coach for 12 consecutive months to help you become a better leader. You will get on-demand video training as well as group coaching calls where you will learn secrets to success and you can ask questions about challenges you face in your leadership and organization.

Practical Application

The world is changing at a rapidly accelerating pace. What you learn today can quickly become outdated tomorrow. That's why it's not only important "what" you learn but "how" you learn. At the SCLI, you will be challenged to think like a leader. We will teach you the skills you need to know to learn like a leader. Our program is highly engaging and extremely practical.

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