Our Curriculum

Core Modules

Completion of all 12 are required for graduation.
  • Module
  • SCLI 101
    The Leader's Guide To Organizational Transformation
    Change Your Culture Change Everything
  • SCLI 102
    Shaping Today's Ministry For Tomorrow's Opportunities
    Future Faith
  • SCLI 103
    Making Decisions In Times Of Transition
    Your Next Bold Move
  • SCLI 104
    Selecting, Developing, And Inspiring Your Team
    Ladder Holders
  • SCLI 105
    7 Steps and 8 Challenges Every Leader Faces
    Journey To Destiny
  • SCLI 106
    Leading While You'd Rather Be Leaving
    Growing Pains
  • SCLI 107
    Leadership Succession That Works
    Exit Right
  • SCLI 108
    Tackling 15 Hazards In Organizational Growth
    Leader Slips
  • SCLI 109
    Setting And Maintaining Organizational Direction
    First Focus
  • SCLI 110
    Creating Systems And Structures To Turn Vision Into Reality
    Built To Grow
  • SCLI 111
    Dealing With What Keeps Leaders Up At Night
    Stress In Success
  • SCLI 112
    Indispensable Tools For Effective Influence
    Leadership Essentials

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