The Program

The Sam Chand Leadership Institute offers leaders the opportunity to grow and succeed like never before. The program is online and flexible, perfect for leaders who are busy leading. You'll enter an exclusive group of leaders who are serious about taking their influence and organizations to a whole new level.

Online Learning

The Sam Chand Leadership is entirely online. No need to travel or block out weeks in your calendar for more seminars and events. You will participate online - all from the convenience of your home or office - or if you are a serious coffee connoisseur, from your favorite coffee house!

Executive Group Coaching

At the SCLI, we have assembled an amazing team of Executive Leadership Coaches to help you become a better leader. You will participate in group coaching calls each month where you will learn secrets to success, and you can ask questions about challenges you face in your leadership and organization.

Book Club

As a member of the SCLI, you will receive a new book in the mail every month! These books are carefully selected to help you in your leadership journey.

Growing Resource Library

As a member of the Sam Chand Leadership Institute, you will not only have access to great teaching and group coaching, but you will enjoy a growing library of digital resources created especially for you. These resources are housed in our membership site, and the library grows every month.

Time Commitment

We understand that you already have a full schedule and find it challenging to make time for hobbies, recreation, and leadership development. As a member of the SCLI, you choose the day and time that best fits your schedule. With the exception of our live group coaching calls, everything is on-demand on your schedule. And hey... if you miss a group coaching call, it's not a problem. They are recorded so you can go back and watch it at your convenience.


At the end of each year you'll receive an official certificate of completion from the Sam Chand Leadership Institute. Each year you'll reach a new certification level in the Institute.

A Monthly Snapshot

So, what does a month in the SCLI look like? Great question! There are four key elements each month. They are:

  • Executive Leadership Training - One week each month, we will send some game-changing training your way. You will log in to our membership site and have access to video training from one of our Executive Leadership Coaches. This is a 30-60 minute video training that has been created exclusively for those in our program.
  • Live Group Coaching Calls - One week each month, we will have a group coaching call with Ryan Frank (our Executive Director) and an Executive Leadership Coach. This is a video coaching call where you will get some great training and will have the opportunity to get some of your leadership questions answered.
  • Book week - We believe that leaders are readers. That's why one week each month, we read a book together. Which book? We will send you a new book every month in the mail. Not a thick textbook, but a practical book to help you think critically and to stretch yourself. Discussion about the book will happen in our membership site.
  • Leader Collaboration Week - One week each month, we focus our attention on learning from each other. In this week, we ask the members of the SCLI to engage with each other on questions and hot topics facing leaders today. This all happens in our membership site.

Archived Topics

  • Topic
    Leadership Coach
  • Leadership Pain
    Dr. Chand provides a concrete, practical understanding of the pain we experience as leaders to help us interpret pain more accurately and learn the lessons God has in it for us.
    Dr. Sam Chand
  • Taking Authority Over the Atmosphere of Your Organization
    Every organization has a particular climate that impacts those who are a part of it. Bishop Pitts offers a strategic plan to shift the atmosphere and climate of your organization from unsuccessful or unprofitable, to an atmosphere that produces desired results.
    Bishop Michael Pitts
  • Mastering Transition
    Transition is often accompanied by feelings of confusion and uncertainty. Dr. Chironna provides leaders with the necessary tools to handle the process of transition and discover what it takes to move your ministry or business to the next level.
    Dr. Mark Chironna
  • You Have It In You
    More often than not, leaders are faced with challenges and obstacles that seem insurmountable. Pastor Brady shows us how to reach deep within to leverage our untapped potential and inner strength and overcome setbacks and instead accomplish what seems impossible.
    Pastor Sheryl Brady
  • Strategic Leadership, Your Next Move
    Dr. Brawley provides the key components all leaders must have in order to make progress in the midst of uncertain times.
    Dr. Don Brawley III
  • Both/And Leadership
    Pastor Perez offers practical insight on how to become masterful at leading in the middle of life’s extremes as he examines God’s sovereignty concerning topics such as healing, faith, answered prayer.
    Pastor Benny Perez

Current Topics

  • When
  • January 2017
    How to Effectively Lead a Team
  • February 2017
    How To Select and Hire The Right Staff
  • March 2017
    Building a Culture of Trust in Your Organization
  • April 2017
    Measuring ROI of Soft-Skills Development
  • May 2017
    Identifying and Communicating What Success Looks Like
  • June 2017
    How To Maintain Focus as a Leader


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